Card security

Keep your PINs and passwords safe

Chip and PIN is a very simple way to keep your money safe. The system makes it much more difficult for criminals to gain access to your account than in the past when you had to sign a paper receipt.

Stay safe
Criminals are particularly keen on getting the PINs connected with your debit and credit cards. Whether banking online or entering your PIN details in a public place, you should always be vigilant.

Chip and PIN tips

  1. Always keep your card out of sight and in a safe place, and never let anyone else use it
  2. Never tell anyone your PIN - not even your family, the bank or the police - and never write it down anywhere
  3. When you receive a new PIN, memorise it straightaway and immediately destroy the slip
  4. Do not share your password details with any third parties. Passwords should be known only to you. It's also good practice to change your passwords regularly
  5. When considering a suitable password for an account or online application, avoid using family or pet names, birthdays or ages, which criminals could match from stolen data
  6. Never use the same password for different accounts
Using your card safely
  • Free security software
    Add another layer of protection by downloading our free security software, called Rapport, which protects you when you are shopping or banking online
  • Don't hand over valuable card or bank account information
    Be wary of unexpected or suspicious telephone calls or emails and never provide your card or PIN details to anyone you have not properly identified. The Bank and the Police will never ask to collect your card or PIN via courier
  • Keep your cards and card details in a safe place 
    Fraud can happen if card details are obtained from carelessly discarded paperwork. Always keep your bank and credit card statements in a safe place and always shred any paperwork relating to your cards when it's no longer required. Never write down any PIN or password details.
  • Carefully check your statements 
    Check your statements as soon as you receive them. If you find a transaction on your statement that you did not make, contact your bank or card provider immediately.
  • Only shop at secure websites 
    Make sure the security icon - the locked padlock or unbroken key symbol - is showing in the bottom or top of your browser window before sending your card details. The beginning of the retailer's internet address will change from 'http' to 'https' when a purchase is made using a secure connection. By double clicking on the padlock or key symbol, you will also get confirmation that it is still valid. 
  • Get extra online protection
    Increasingly, when making a payment online, you are recommended to sign up for schemes that ask you to verify your payments using a special password on participating sites. Ulster Bank Secure lets you access the two main systems - Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. 
  • Print out your order 
    when shopping online, make sure you get a hard copy of both your order form and the retailer's terms and conditions. When buying from overseas suppliers, remember that it may be difficult to resolve any issues that crop up. However, having all the relevant information to hand will help your bank or building society take up the case if you do have any problems. 
Card security
ATM security
  • Avoid using an ATM if you spot anything unusual or there are signs of tampering. Report it to your bank or the police immediately. If in doubt, don’t use the machine. 
  • Keep an eye out. If someone’s crowding or watching you, cancel the transaction and use another ATM.
  • Don’t accept help from strangers. Don’t let yourself get distracted while you’re using the machine.
  • Stand close to the ATM and always shield your PIN. Use your body position and your hand to cover what you’re doing.
  • Take your cash straight away. And put your card away safely, before you walk away from the ATM.
  • If the ATM swallows your card, call your card issuer straight away. Don’t assume it’s locked away in the machine. 

Ulster Bank Secure

Registering your cards with Ulster Bank Secure will give an extra layer of security as you'll need to enter a password you have chosen before transactions can be approved. If you've registered for Ulster Bank Secure and a fraudulent transaction appears on your account, we guarantee that you won't be liable.

How it works

  1. Shop online as usual and go to the checkout
  2. Enter your card details
  3. If the website uses secure services, you'll be asked for your password
  4. Enter your password, click 'submit' and your transaction will be complete

Register your debit card for Ulster Bank Secure

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