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If you have an iPhone 5S, 6, or 6 Plus and iOS8 you can use Touch ID to login

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App available on most smartphones to customers with Anytime Internet Banking and a UK mobile number beginning in '07'.

Latest updates to our mobile apps

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  • Android Fingerprint is now available for selected Android devices that support Fingerprint authentication with an operating system 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above.
  • The 'Help and Support' section within the More menu on the now has a variety of options to help you with your query. Available on iPhone and Android.
  • 3D Touch is now available from your home screen on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
  • We have improved how our iPhone and Android apps work for our blind and partially sighted customers.
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Available on all Ulster Bank serviceCARDs, and MasterCard credit cards.

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Apple Pay is Here

Apple Pay is the new, easy and secure way to pay in store and within apps.


Use Apple Pay in store (iPhone 6 or Apple Watch) and within apps (iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3).


Get started with Apple Pay

Enrol for Ulster Bank for Apple Watch through the mobile app on your paired iPhone. IPhone 5 or higher required. 

Ulster Bank - How to Use "Get Cash"

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Why bank on Mobile

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We all lead busy lives and nobody likes waiting. Mobile banking allows you to instantly check your balance, transfer money between your accounts and make payments.


The Ulster Bank mobile app lets you lets manage your money on the go. Check out our short video to see how you can get cash from an Ulster Bank cash machine without using your Debit card which can make life that little bit simpler.  

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The Ulster Bank Mobile Banking App




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Text Alerts

Alerts are a simple way to keep you up-to-date with your accounts. They can help you manage your money, avoid or minimise overdraft fees and also let you know if there's any unexpected activity.

Available to Ulster Bank personal customers aged over 11, with an eligible account, and a valid mobile number or email address.

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