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Text Alerts

Keep yourself updated anywhere, anytime

How to sign up

Available to Ulster Bank personal customers aged over 11, with an eligible account, and a valid mobile number or email address.

How can Text Alerts help me?

Activity Alerts

Text messages that help you keep track of certain changes on your accounts.

A message will be sent as confirmation whenever you:


  • Create or amend a payee – either a United Kingdom individual or company
  • Create or amend a standing order
  • Update your address or telephone details
  • Are issued with a new debit/credit card or Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If you’ve provided us with a valid United Kingdom mobile number, you will automatically receive these alerts. If you haven’t, just update your mobile number through your Anytime Internet Banking, over the phone, or in your local branch.


Update your mobile number on Anytime Internet Banking now


These alerts provide increased security and peace of mind because you’ll know if something unexpected happens. If you receive an alert about an update you haven't made, contact us immediately by calling 0345 366 6558. 

Weekly balance alerts

Get your balance text to you on a regular day and time each week.

Get your account balance sent straight to your phone. With Balance Alerts we will send you a text each week, on a day of your choosing. You can even specify morning or afternoon.


You can also set up to receive alerts if your account goes above or below a certain amount, so you'll know when you've received a large payment or if you're low on funds. 

On demand alerts

Send a text to our short code and we will send you back your account balance or most recent transactions.

Don't wait to check your balance on your most recent transactions - find out anytime by texting BAL or MINI to 60627.


If you have one or more accounts registered, just add the last three digits of your account number or last digits of your debit card number for information on that account, e.g. BAL 123, or MINI 1234.

Sign up for Text Alerts now

Sign up online

The quickest and easiest way to register and manage your alerts is through Anytime Internet Banking.

Anytime Internet Banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible Ulster Bank Northern Ireland account.


If you have your debit card to hand you could get online immediately. If not we will send your activation details to you once you complete our registration form.


Sign up for Anytime Internet Banking now 

Sign up over the phone

You can set up and manage your alerts through our telephone banking service.

Ring us on 0345 366 6558 to discuss registering you for Text Alerts.

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Please note that some services telephone banking may be unavailable for short periods in the early hours of the morning.

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Register and manage your alerts Managing your Text Alerts

The quickest, easiest way to opt in or out of alerts is through your Anytime Internet Banking. If you don't have Anytime Internet Banking you can also talk to us at your local branch or call us on 0345 366 6558.

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Mobile Security Banking safely on your mobile

We take your security seriously as you trust us to keep your money safe. We will never ask for your PIN or Password details by text or email.

In certain circumstances - when we need to comply with the law, protect security, or fight fraud - we may have to withdraw, suspend or restrict the alerts service without letting you know beforehand.

Learn about Mobile Security
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