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Savings account cards can only be used at ATMs

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1 EUR = 0.79 GBP
1 GBP = 1.12 EUR

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Your exchange rate is: £1 = 1.12 EUR

Includes a 3.75  increase above the ECB rate

Includes a 3.75  decrease above the ECB rate

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Conversion rates and charges:
0.24% £0.20
0.24% £0.20
2.95% £2.52
Total Cost £90.49

The total cost is subject to your transaction clearing and may be different when you see it on your statement

Currency conversion charges

When making a payment or withdrawing cash abroad, you might get the option to pay in that currency or Pound Sterling (£). If you choose Sterling, Ulster Bank won't be handling the currency conversion, so any estimate we provide using this tool won't be at our rate. If you choose Sterling you may be charged more.