Charging ahead to net zero


Charging ahead to net zero

Electric vehicles 

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  An innovative e-mobility offering from Ulster Bank and Octopus Energy

We recognise that the transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) can be a little overwhelming.

That's why we've created a first in the market offering with Octopus Energy to help you confidently choose the right charging solution for your business.

  What are Octopus offering Ulster Bank customers?

Discounted EV charging technology

Solar and battery options to complement your charging infrastructure

1-year free access to Octopus’s fleet management system when purchasing a 3-year term

All of the above are provided by Octopus Energy and its partners. To be able to access this offering in full, you must take advantage of the charging point element.  Some elements also require you to sign up as an Octopus customer. 



Octopus Energy’s mission is to drive forward the affordable green revolution. It supplies 100% renewable electricity and gas to over 1.7 million UK homes and 20,000 businesses.

Octopus is well known for its use of technology to transform customer experiences, and provide flexible energy tariffs that help consumers use cheaper, greener power.

  The business benefits of switching to electric vehicles
  • You can apply for up to 40 charge point installations, each could be eligible for £350 discount  with the government's OLEV grant. This could equal a maximum total of £14,000
  • Government grants of £2,500 are available for new electric vehicles. Eligibility criteria applies
  • All EVs are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty, Congestion Charge, ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) and LEZ (Low Emission Zone) charges
  • 1% Benefit in Kind in 2021 (2% in 2022)
Savings with EVs (PDF 1.2MB)

All statements concerning taxation are based on our best understanding of current legislation. 

Levels and bases of taxation can change at any time.

  Building a green business

Icon expand EV charge points 

Octopus Energy will identify the best chargers for your workplace, depot or even drivers’ homes, ensuring any installation is suited to your business operations, both today and in the future.


Icon expand New grid connection

Where existing grid connections are insufficient, an upgrade may be necessary. Octopus are offering a grid connection management service, ensuring your project is not delayed unnecessarily by capacity constraints.


Icon expand Cost reconciliation

This offering gives customers one year’s free access to the Octopus Fleet Dashboard when purchasing a three-year term, providing visibility of charging sessions and reconciling costs across all locations. Octopus can also consolidate home charging costs for all staff, directly with their energy supplier.


Icon expand Battery storage

Energy storage can provide power to business-critical EVs which require a fast rate of charging for short periods of time. Battery storage is also a great way to maximise the use of self-generated renewable energy overnight, where grid constraints are uneconomical.


Icon expand Solar panels

Solar panels can improve the viability of EV charging initiatives where carbon reduction, renewable energy or daytime capacity requirements are key concerns. 


Icon expand Employee home charging

You may choose to install chargers at your drivers’ homes. Octopus provide a broad range of domestic charge points at competitive market prices.



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Icon expand Questions on the charge points, the application or installation

Please contact Octopus Energy directly with any application or charge point related questions:


Icon expand Why have you partnered with Octopus Energy?

As part of our climate goals, we want to help accelerate the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. We partnered with Octopus Energy as they are a leading charge point operator with excellent service delivery standards (5 star Trustpilot rating & USwitch ‘Energy Supplier of the year’ 2020).


Icon expand Do I apply for the OZEV grant?

Unlike on the domestic side, as a workplace you will need to apply for a voucher yourself, via This voucher is then handed to the installer before the installation, and they’ll pick up the rest of the process. Octopus will help you if you have any questions.

  Ready to become a greener business?

If you’d like to find out more about how we could help you invest in your charging infrastructure, please contact your relationship manager or your usual bank contact.

You can view our green banking products and services for businesses, along with financial options and useful resources, on our green banking hub.

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