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Bankline FAQs

The new readers will incorporate a Quick Response (QR) code reader. Bankline will display an encrypted QR code, which you'll scan with the reader.

The reader shows the details of the transaction and if you're happy with what you see, you'll simply enter the smartcard PIN. The reader displays the response code that you enter back into Bankline.

The response code is then verified and the transaction authorised. 

Additional info about your new card reader

Will there be a cost implication for the customer?

No. There’s no charge for the upgraded card readers. 

When will we have to start using the upgraded QR reader?

The change to using the upgraded QR reader will take some time to implement. We'll let you know when you can start using your upgraded reader to log in and authorise actions using a QR code.

Will the upgraded QR card readers be used for authorising payments?

Yes. As well as logging in, the new readers will be used for authorising payments, and for anything else in Bankline that currently requires smartcard authorisation. For example, making administration changes. 

Will the Bankline pages change?

Yes. You’ll see changes to the log in screens and wherever else Bankline requires a smartcard to authorise an action.

You’ll also see the QR code displayed underneath the details of the action being taken. 

What is the impact for Bankline Mobile users as a result of SCA?

  • If you are new to Bankline Mobile, you will need to use the card reader for first time registration.
  • If you are an existing Bankline Mobile user and have registered for payment approval no action will be required.
  • If you are an existing Bankline Mobile user and haven’t registered for payment approval you will be required to re-register for Bankline Mobile using your card reader. Please note that if you have authority to authorise payments in Bankline you can avoid having to re-register for Bankline Mobile by clicking on the ‘approve’ tab in the app and following the registration screens to set up payment approval in Bankline Mobile.
Using, replacing and returning your card reader

How do I know if I will get a new card reader automatically?

We will be prioritising users who actively log in to Bankline. Users who have not logged in within the last 13 months will not automatically be sent an upgraded card reader. 


If they require one because they are going to start using Bankline again, your local Bankline administrator will need to order one for them. 

How will we receive upgraded smartcard readers?

We’ll be sending the readers using tracked mail and courier services depending on how many you need for your existing smartcard users. If you need a large number of readers, or have users at non-UK addresses, a bank contact will get in touch to agree with you exactly where you need them to be sent to. This will happen over the coming weeks.

Will all users be sent a new PIN?

No. Anyone with an existing smartcard and reader will not need a new PIN.

Are the upgraded readers handheld?

Yes. The upgraded readers are handheld and use AAA batteries.

What do I do when the batteries need replacing?

You may receive a reader that has a battery door you can replace these yourself. Sometimes the battery door is secured with a screw. This can easily be removed with a small screw driver.

I’ve lost my Smartcard. What do I do?

If you’ve lost your Smartcard or you can’t remember the PIN you need to contact your Bankline administrator who can order one for you.

Returning your old card reader

We recently let you know about our commitment to help protect your business against increasingly sophisticated online fraud. Over the coming months you’ll see some changes on Bankline as well as receiving upgraded Smartcard Readers with Quick Response (QR) functionality for you and your users. The upgraded readers are ready to use straight away to authorise payments as you do today with your existing card reader. We’ll then let you know when you can start using the QR functionality on your upgraded reader, to log on and authorise payments in the new way.


Customers with less than 5 Card Readers:


As soon as you receive and successfully start using your upgraded reader you can return all of your users existing card readers by using this freepost label. We’re working with our suppliers to arrange for all returned readers to be securely and environmentally recycled.


Please note this label can only be used to return card readers that have been replaced by upgraded readers as part of the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) changes.


Customers with more than 5 Card Readers:


Your Card Readers will be sent over the coming months and these will be accompanied with recycling instructions.


For more information on these changes please visit our Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) page.

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