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What this means for your business

What this means for your business

You’ll be asked to confirm your identity more often when you make a payment online. We’ll do this by sending you a unique, one-time passcode by text.

It’s our job to keep your money safe. So we’re constantly working on better ways to beat fraud. You can do your bit by being alert to how fraudsters might try to target you.

Always keep your contact details up to date so you can be reached if suspicious activity is seen on your account.

I'm a Bankline user

If you use Bankline, over the coming months you’ll be sent an upgraded Smartcard Reader with QR functionality. You’ll be able to use it straight away to authorise payments as you do today with your existing card reader. We'll let you know when you can start using the QR functionality on your upgraded reader.

Log in changes – When you start using your reader in the new way, you’ll notice some changes to your log in journey. SCA will apply to all Bankline users at log in and a QR code authorisation step will be added to the log in process.

Payment authorisation changes – You'll use your upgraded reader for authorising Bankline payments, along with any action that requires smartcard authorisation for example, making administration changes.

Frequently asked questions about card readers



I have a credit card

If you have a commercial credit card with us, you’ll notice that when you pay using Contactless you may be asked to verify your identity more often by inputting your PIN – it’s just another way to keep you safe and more secure.  Simply put your card into the reader and enter your PIN as normal.   

If you use your credit card to make online purchases you may be asked to enter additional verification such as a verification code which will be sent to your mobile phone-so it’s really important you check that we know your current mobile phone number.

What this means for your online card activity


We’ve added extra security features to ClearSpend. As well as logging in with your username and password, you’ll need to enter an OTP. We’ll send you that by text, to allow you to confirm your identity when you log on. 


After you’ve done this once, next time you’ll be able to use your username and the ClearSpend mobile app’s biometric feature to log into ClearSpend.


To update your contact details, please log into ClearSpend and select ‘Management’ from the navigation menu.

One Time Passcode (OTP)

When you buy things online, your existing commercial card details will be used as the first step to identifiy you. We'll then send you a one time passcode (OTP) to input and complete the transaction. The OTP is a  randomly generated set of numbers, sent via text.


You’ll need to key in the OTP when prompted. It must be used within 5 minutes before it expires. This will result in a more secure way for us to authenticate the cardholder’s identity.


If we don’t have your up to date contact details, we won’t be able to deliver the OTP which means you may not be able to complete certain online transactions when these changes are made.


In addition to online transactions, we may also need to send you an OTP when you log in to ClearSpend or Cards Online.

More information about OTPs


As part of the PSD2 changes that Visa are implementing, the two layer ‘Memorable Word’ authentication will be replaced by a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) process. Users will be required to login to the system using a Possession factor (an authentication code) in conjunction with their existing Knowledge factor (their password).


The authentication code can be generated by any of the following channels:


  • The Visa IntelliLink Spend Management mobile app
  • A third-party authentication application of the user’s choice that supports the Time-based One-Time Password algorithm (TOTP), such as Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo Mobile, LastPass Authenticator, and others.


You can contact the bank to register for IntelliLink, but will then be invited to setup 2-factor-authentication. This will be the registration process:


  • Select Log in and the memorable word challenge will display. We'll ask you to enter three characters from your memorable word; upon submitting, you'll see the two-factor authentication window. 
  • The VISM app is available on android and iOS and you need to install it on your mobile device and log in to it. When you have successfully logged in, a confirmation message displays in the app. 
  • Tap within the app and select Authenticator from the menu. 
  • An authentication code displays for 1 minute. It updates every minute with a new code. 
  • Click Continue in IntelliLink to open the Two-Factor Authentication Window. 
  • Enter the code generated by the VISM app and click Verify. 
  • After you are successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to use the app to log into IntelliLink. 

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