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Workplace Wellbeing

Looking after yourself and your employees


People are the heart of your business. See how you can support your wellbeing, and that of your staff.

Add your signposting title here… Looking after your physical health

Mental and physical health often go hand in hand, and keeping active is a great idea to support your immune system too. Even better, online ways of working out mean that you can get your fit fix without having to leave the house. They’re particularly good if you, or any of your employees are self-isolating or in quarantine.

Online workout ideas

Our Business Hub at RBS have put together some ideas for ways to workout at home. Their list of online resources includes ideas for homeschoolers, gym lovers and people who don’t have time to exercise.

Ideas for your home workout

Add your signposting title here… Wellbeing app from Nuffield Health

Try out a virtual gym experience by downloading the Wellbeing app. The Nuffield Home Workouts let you enjoy home workout videos, remote workout instructions and programmes tailored to you that can be done at any time. And if your team are a competitive bunch you can even join in with the YouTube channel.

Get it on the iOS App Store or at Google Play

Coping with grief or bereavement

Coronavirus has caused thousands of deaths around the world and most people are likely to have either been affected themselves, or know someone who has.

You or your employees may have faced the loss of a spouse, relative, colleague or friend as a result of COVID-19.

As an employer, it can be difficult to know what to say or do in these circumstances. In some cases, there may be a significant time delay between the loss and the start of the grieving process.

Being able to seek advice and offer appropriate resources to employees is important. Here we've provided some resources that you may find useful.

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Counselling support for bereavement

Time off for bereavement

Understanding bereavement

Financial support

You might be experiencing financial difficulties which add to your worries and stresses. Our coronavirus hub provides support to get your business moving again as coronavirus lockdown eases.

Business coronavirus hub

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