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Administrator Duties

As an administrator, you will be responsible for most of the support functions for your users. This includes:

User Management

• Create, edit, suspend and delete users
• Re-activate a user who has been disabled after entering their PIN or password incorrectly
• Order a new activation code when a user has forgotten their password
• Specify how often users must change their password
• Manage roles - Control accounts and functions to which users have access

Account Control

• Set up dual administration
• Choose which of your accounts users can access in Bankline
• Add or remove accounts from view
• Mark accounts as confidential so only authorised users can access them and set payment limits

We suggest that you have more than one administrator set up to look after these activities. If you are using Dual Administration, set up no less than three administrators.

Password Expiry

As an Administrator, you can reset when the password expires for each user and when they will be prompted to change it:

• Click Administration

• Click Customer Details

• Click heading on Customer Details box

• Scroll down to the Password Expiry field and select a password expiry period (ranging from 7 days to 180 days, or Never).

• Click Confirm

• Click Update

Where Dual Administration is set, refer to section 3.0.

If you don't have your activation code

If you don't have your activation code, or it has expired (it lasts for 10 days if sent via SMS or 45 days if by post), you can:

 - Use your debit card for instant access to online banking

 - Or if you don't have a debit card, we'll send a new activation code and on receipt you will be able to log on straight away

Get started online today


Bankline Statement Download is an optional service on Bankline.

To find out more or set this service up, please call your Relationship Manager or Business Team.

Tel 0345 366 5592 or 0044 2890 538459, if calling from abroad

Lines are open 8.30am - 5pm  Monday to Friday - note calls may be recorded.  Call charges

For general enquiries, please call your Business Team on :

  • 0345 366 5592 or 0044 2890 538459, if calling from abroad

Lines are open 8.30am - 5.30pm  Monday to Friday - note calls may be recorded.  Call charges

Looking to set up Anytime Internet Banking for your Business?

It's easy - simply call our business team and register* today.

Call   0345 366 5592  

Lines are open 8.30am - 5pm  Monday to Friday - note calls may be recorded  Call charges

*Subject to the customer information being correct

cut the paper trail with eStatements Go paperless

There are lots of reasons to make the switch to eStatements and start recieving your statements through online banking;

  • You can view or search up to 7 years of statement history online
  • Let us do the filling - download, save or print PDF copies of your statement so you have easy access to your statements
  • Choose to switch some or all of your accounts to eStatements
  • Go green - with online statements theres no envelope and no postal delivery, so they are kinder to the environment

Icon expand How do I switch to eStatements?

Switching to eStatement is easy, simply login to online banking, select 'statements' from the left hand menu, then click on 'Stop or start paper statements'.  Then just select to change some or all of your accounts to eStatements.

You'll need to enter your email address before switching to eStatements if we dont already have it. This is so we can tell you when your statement is ready to view online.

Set up mobile banking in minutes

Once you have downloaded the app you will be prompted to enter your mobile number and accept our Mobile Banking Terms & Conditions.

We will then ask you to confirm your mobile number so we can send you a one time activation code by text message.

When you have this code, follow the simple steps below to sign up for the Ulster Bank app.

Step 1 - Enter activation code here. We will send it to the mobile number you provide during the initial part of registration.

Step 2 - Set up passcode. You only have to do this once. You will need the passcode every time you log in so make sure you keep it safe.

Step 3 - Enter customer number. If you don't know it, get your customer number here

Step 4 - Enter your Anytime Internet Banking PIN and password. If you have forgotten these, get new log in details here

Congratulations.  You can now instantly check your balances, make payments and much more on the move.  Enjoy the Ulster Bank app.

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