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Putting Customers First

As we work to build a strong, good and fair bank, we are also rebuilding the trust that has been lost in our sector in recent years.

Banking is central to daily life, and with that comes the responsibility to meet the highest standards in everything that we do. We have made considerable progress in the areas outlined over these pages, and we want to go further.

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Changing our Culture


By making changes in our culture, we have been empowering the people who serve you at Ulster Bank to help build the best bank in Ireland. We don’t incentivise our staff on their sales performance alone, we support and reward the quality of the service delivered. These changes have had positive benefits for how we serve our customers, and the products and services we offer.

Fair Banking means meeting our customers’ needs by making it easy to access and understand banking services, helping people to manage their money, and being vigilant about protecting customer information.

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A bank account, and credit at a reasonable cost, are basic needs for almost everyone. We are making our banking services accessible and affordable for as many people as we can.

Helping people manage their money


Most people learn about money the hard way. Few have had any kind of formal financial education. So we thought we'd do something to help.

Learning about finance at school is important, but our values and attitudes to money are strongly influenced by what we learn at home. Teaching children about money is giving them a skill that will stay with them throughout their lives. MoneySense at Home is a new resource to help parents talk to their children about money in a practical way, using everyday family decisions to get young people used to money management, the value of saving and planning ahead.



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Protecting customers’ money


One of the reasons you put your money in the bank is to keep it safe, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Protecting you and your money against identity theft and fraud is a top priority for us. Being part of the NatWest Group gives us access to the most up-to-date preventative technologies to help us combat fraud and ensure the highest standard of data security. Our dedicated internal fraud team also monitors and intercepts suspicious account activity.


Icon expand Fighting fraud at every level

Fraudsters and scammers are active everywhere and our highly trained team is dedicated to combating their activities on every front, on your behalf. Recent measures include:

  • new cash machine technology to help prevent criminal skimming and cloning of personal card details
  • 3D Secure – a system that gives extra protection when buying online by credit or debit card
  • real-time profiling, which highlights unusual transactions that may be fraudulent

Icon expand Staying secure, what you can do

You'll find plenty of information online and in our branches on how to combat fraud, and you’ll also find more tips on the screens of our cash machines. From small steps, to larger changes of habit, you can read more tips and information about how to stay safe and secure wherever you are:


Icon expand Taking care pays

A lot of criminal activity can be prevented, saving you time, money and inconvenience. Take steps at all times to keep your chequebooks, debit and credit cards, passwords and PINs secure.

We will work with you to keep you safe when you bank with us online or on your mobile phone. In the unlikely event that you do become a victim of fraud when using our Anytime Internet Banking or Mobile Phone Banking service we promise to refund any money taken from your account in full provided.

  • You never give your online or mobile phone security details to anyone else, including your customer number, PIN or password
  • You do not log-in to Anytime Internet Banking using a Card-Reader device
  • You follow the security requirements in our Anytime Internet Banking Terms & Conditions
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