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Details of our funding and credit ratings

Ulster Bank senior debt and secured funding including the Ardmore securitisation programme is managed by the Treasury Funding team. Further information can be found here.


International Interbank deposits are managed by the Treasury Money Markets team. We also issue Certificates of Deposit (CD).  Contact the Money Markets team on +353 (0)1 611 8700 for further information.

You can find more information on savings and investment products below or by contacting your local Ulster Bank branch.


Ulster Bank Ireland DAC has executed 16 prime RMBS transactions under the Celtic name. There are currently no public transactions under the Celtic programme.

For further information and inquiries please contact Ulster Bank Term Funding on + 353 1 608 5377.

Important information - Change of legal entity type for Ulster Bank Ireland Limited
We wish to advise that, as required by the Companies Act 2014, Ulster Bank Ireland Limited converted to Ulster Bank Ireland DAC on 23rd May 2016. This change will not affect any contracts or arrangements you have with the Bank and you do not need to take any action.  Find out more here.

Credit ratings

Ulster Bank Limited
Agency Long term Short term
Moodys A1* P - 1
S&P A- A - 2
Fitch A- F2


Ulster Bank Ireland DAC
Agency Long term Short term
Moodys Baa1* P - 2
S&P BBB+ A - 2
Fitch BBB F2

*Moody’s deposit ratings

Key contacts

Catherine Corbett 
Head of Term Funding, Ulster Bank Treasury 
+ 353 1 608 5377

Patrick Passmore 
Head of Governance & Control, Ulster Bank Treasury 
+ 353 1 608 4488

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