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What is Accounts with Other Banks?

This is a feature that allows you to view information about their Current Accounts held with other UK banks registered with Open Banking on our mobile app.

Do I have to sign up to Accounts with Other Banks?

No, you don't have to. This new feature is of benefit to those who hold Current Accounts with other banks. (please see FAQ on available banks)

Which other banks can the accounts be added from?

You can add Current Accounts from UK banks registered for Open Banking services. This may not include challenger banks or EU banks.


More banks will be available to choose from in the future but it will be clear from the mobile app which banks are available at any given time.

Can I set up Accounts with Other Banks on my online banking also?

No. The feature is only be available on our mobile app.

Is Accounts with Other Banks safe and secure?

Yes. We do not store any of the other bank's login details and the data received from the other banks is protected the same way as our internal data to ensure security. You remain in control of your data at all times and can stop using the feature at any time.

Why is the data not always up to date?

We request up to date information from the other banks four times a day and the latest balance and transactions are displayed in the mobile app with a corresponding time stamp. You can also select a manual refresh within the mobile app and if available, balance and transactions will be updated. However, we can only display data which has been made available at that time by the other bank e.g. payments which are not processed instantly by the other bank would not show in the mobile app immediately.

How long will it take for my data to show once I have given my consent?

On first-time set up, we expect it to take a minute or so for your data to show but once available 90 days of transactions will then be viewable.


Please note this is dependent on a secure connection being set up with the other bank to source and transmit the data and may result in a slight delay.

If I transfer money into the external current account, will the balance update immediately?

Once the other bank receives the funds, the balance displayed to you may not update immediately.


Assuming the funds have reached the other bank, in order for the displayed balance to be updated, you can request a manual refresh of the data or wait until the automatic refresh of the data has been completed.


When you manually refresh the data (by tapping on the refresh icon), any transactions between the automatic refreshes will be pulled through into the mobile app. More information on this can be found by tapping on the 'Learn More About Transactions' link within the mobile app.

Can I refresh data showing within the mobile app as often as I wish?

You can refresh the data anytime by clicking on the refresh icon against any account from the other bank you have added which will update the balances if any updates are available from the other banks.

What is an On Demand refresh of data and how do I request one?

To request a refresh, tap on the circular refresh icon to the right of the time stamp.

If I close my other bank's Current Accounts, will they be removed immediately from the mobile app?

If the account is closed at the other bank, the account(s) will be removed the next time you perform a manual refresh or their data is automatically refreshed.

Why does consent only last for 90 days?

The 90 Days consent period has been agreed within the Open Banking Guidelines, implemented by the Competition and Markets Authority.

How can I remove my consent?

You can remove your consent in two ways:


1. Via the mobile app by following the consent expiry notification steps or via the Accounts with Other Banks option from the Account menu.
2. Requesting this via the other bank.


Please note, if you have added more than one account, selecting "Remove Access" in the app will remove access to all accounts you've added for that bank.

When I remove consent within the mobile app, will the accounts be removed immediately?

Yes, if consent is removed from the mobile app, the accounts from the other banks will be removed immediately.


If there is a problem with the other bank, it may take slightly longer for the Current Accounts to be removed. In the event of any problems, this will be communicated clearly to you within the mobile app. You can try again to remove the Current Accounts once the issue with the other bank is resolved.

If I am locked out of my other bank’s online banking, can I still give my consent?

No. You must be able to successfully log into your other bank's online account to give full consent.

Can I, as a personal customer, add my business Current Account from my other bank?

Yes as long as you are a registered online banking user for your Business Account.

Can I, as a business customer, add my personal Current Account from my other bank?

Yes as long as you are a registered online banking user for your Personal Account.

Why cant I see my newly added Current Accounts straight away?

It takes a few minutes to retrieve Current Account information from your other bank, there should not be a similar delay once the account has been added to your mobile app.

Why am I seeing the 'connection not working' message and what do I need to do?

This message would mobile appear at logon and also in the 'Accounts with Other Banks' screen. This can be resolved by tapping the 'repair the connection' button to as this will allow you to add this Current Account in again.

Is there anyhwere in the app that I find help for any questions I have on Accounts with Other Banks?

Tap on Help ----> Message Us in your mobile app. You can enter your question and a response will be provided to you within 2 hours.

I have successfully added an account from another bank but its not appearing in the app. What should I do?

If you have successfully added an account from another bank it will appear within your app the next time you log in or within 2 minutes once data has been retrieved. If the account does not appear after this time, this will be due to the other bank not returning enough data to correctly display your account in the app, such as your account name, balance or your transactions. Please try to re-add your account by clicking to ‘Add an account from another bank’. 

Why can't I see my bank on the list of banks I can add accounts from?

The most up to date list of banks you can add accounts from is always available in the app. 


We're working with the other banks that are part of Open Banking and will look to add more banks into our app as soon as they become available.


Please keep checking our app to see if your bank is available