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We've teamed up with Octopus Energy to help you get a better deal on a home charge point:

Discounted rates 

Get a discounted rate on charge points with Octopus Energy when you sign-up through Ulster Bank. The amount you can save depends on the charger type, with RRP for one charge point ranging from around £500 to £1250.


Plus an Extra £50 Off

If you purchase an Octopus Energy charge point through us, we'll give you a further £50 off as a thank you for your climate efforts.

OZEV Grant available

The Government OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) Grant could contribute up to £350 towards the purchase and installation of your electric car charger. Eligibility criteria applies.  

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Getting your home charge point

We’ve outlined the process and typical timeframes for application and installation below, but this will vary person to person.

Day 1: Register your interest 

Use the link below and Octopus Energy will be in touch with next steps. 

Day 2-5: Grant guidance 

You will need to prove you are eligible for the OZEV grant by providing details that show you meet the necessary criteria. 

Day 6-8: Survey and quote 

The application process will ask you to provide information regarding the installation site and your charge point preferences. Once you've completed the application form, Octopus Energy will share a quote. 

Day 10: Payment 

Pay when you're ready. Your payment will be made to Octopus Energy, not to us. 

Day 25: Installation

We'd recommend that you allow for approximately two weeks between your payment being received and your charge point being installed. 



Icon expand OZEV Grant

OLEV Grant

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles has committed to providing £900m of funding to support the transition towards electric vehicles. You may be eligible for up to £350 towards the installation of your charge point. 

Key eligibility criteria

  • Your vehicle must be a government approved ultra-low emmission vehicle (ULEV) 
  • You must own, lease or have ordered an approved vehicle 
  • You must be resident at the property you are getting the charge point installed 
  • You must arrange to have your charge point installed by an OZEV home charge scheme approved installer, such as Octopus Energy

To check whether you meet all eligibility criteria, visit Gov.uk


Octopus Energy can help

The Octopus Energy application process will guide you to provide the right documentation required to obtain the OZEV grant, which Octopus will acquire on your behalf. The team at Octopus will be on hand throughout the sign-up process to support and advise. 



Icon expand Types of charge point

Types of Chargepoint

When choosing your home charge point it's important to consider how you're going to use it. Are you more likely to fully charge your vehicle overnight, or will you just have time for a quick 10 minute top-up? There's a broad range of charge points to choose from ranging from £500 to £1250 (without OZEV grant and our discount), but Octopus Energy will help you choose the right charge point for you.


Fast Charging - 7kW

7kW chargers are the most commonly found - either in public or at home. The charge points you typically see outside cinemas, hotels and shopping centres. These will fully charge a 40kWh Nissan Leaf from flat in approximately 6 hours.

Fast Charging - 22kW

22kW chargers are becoming increasingly popular. However, it's important to check that your vehicle is able to be charged at that speed; the charging speed is governed by the in-car charger which limits the amount of power that can be drawn from the charge point.  You also need to have a 3-phase supply at your home, which is unusual. With a 22kW charger, a 100kWh Tesla Model S can be charged from flat to full in 5 hours.

Rapid Charging - 50kW+

These are for when you want a quick top-up of energy. These types of chargers are dotted around the country, particularly on motorways. A rapid charger can charge a 40kWh Nissan Leaf from flat to 80% full in 30-40 minutes. These types of chargers aren't as commonly installed at home.


Icon expand Additional services

Additional services available from Octopus Energy 

  • Solar and battery options available to complement your charging infrastructure. Click sign-up below to register your interest
We've joined forces with Octopus Energy

Ulster Bank has teamed up with Octopus Energy, one of the UK’s fastest-growing energy technology companies, to help you confidently choose the right charging technology for your electric vehicle.

Octopus Energy offer a range of chargers, all of which are OZEV approved. Sign-up with Octopus Energy below to find out more. 

View charge points available and claim offer

Click below and we’ll take you to the Octopus Energy website to get started. 

Get started

By clicking “Get started,” you confirm that you understand any subsequent dealings between you and Octopus Energy are solely between you and Octopus Energy and that neither Ulster Bank nor any member of the NatWest Group will be party to or responsible for those dealings.

Ulster Bank provides no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the quality or fitness for purpose of any of Octopus Energy's products or services. Ulster Bank shall not be responsible for, nor do or shall they accept any liability for, the products or services provided by Octopus Energy to you, including any advice, product or process by which Octopus Energy's products or services are sold or provided by or on behalf of them to you.

Ulster Bank receives a fee from Octopus Energy for customers it introduces to them that subsequently purchase products or services from Octopus Energy, although this fee will be passed onto you as a discount.

To be able to access the additional services mentioned, you must take advantage of the charge point element. Ulster Bank reserves the right to remove or amend the offering at any time.

Offer applies to all customers within United Kingdom, regional exclusions apply. Offer unavailable on UK Channel Islands.


Questions on the charge points, the application or installation

Please contact Octopus Energy directly with any application or charge point related questions:

 Do I apply for the OZEV grant?

No. Octopus Energy will apply for the OZEV grant on your behalf but you'll need to provide them with some information to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. We've provided basic information on the charge points in the tabbed section above.

Why have you partnered with Octopus Energy?

As part of our climate goals, we want to help accelerate the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. We partnered with Octopus Energy as they are a leading charge point operator with excellent service delivery standards (5 star Trustpilot rating & USwitch ‘Energy Supplier of the year’ 2020).

How long does the whole process take?

You can expect to have your charge point installed within four weeks of beginning the application process, but this will largely depend on how long you take to complete the application paperwork. 

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