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Thanks for applying for a credit card with us

What happens next?

My application was accepted

That’s great news!

You’ll receive your new credit card and PIN separately in the next 5-7 working days. Your PIN will likely arrive before your card does.

If you already bank with us, this credit card will soon appear alongside other accounts in your Online Banking or Mobile app (Criteria applies).

There’s nothing else we need from you to make this happen.

My application was declined

We understand that this may be disappointing 

When coming to our decision, we use a process called credit scoring, as well as taking into account any current information that is available to us.

To help you understand why we decline some applications, please consider reading our guide to borrowing and credit scoring. This may also assist you when making future credit applications.

I've completed my application and..


Icon expand Haven't had a decision yet

  • Sometimes we need a bit more information to confirm your identity or to validate your income.
  • You may receive an email and/or text message soon inviting you to upload this information safely and securely via our Hooyu online portal.
  • Alternatively, we’ll post the request for further documentation. Once received, you can take the requested documents to an Ulster Bank, NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland branch or return the documentation in the prepaid envelope provided.

Icon expand Successfully provided relevant documentation via HooYu

  • Your completed application has been approved and we should have your account open within 24 hours. 
  • You will receive a welcome email from us with more information, and you should receive you credit card in 5 - 7 working days. 
  • You can already use Online Banking, and register for Mobile Banking via our mobile app (criteria applies).

Icon expand Provided documentation via HooYu and ID checks in progress

  • We just need to run a few final checks on your ID and will contact you via Email or post to let you know if your application is approved, or if we need anything else from you.
  • If approved, we will begin to open your account. See above 'Successfully provided relevant documentation via HooYu' for further details.

Application not launching?

Your browser may be blocking pop ups

Some browsers prevent or automatically block pop-ups, even if they’re from a trusted site.

If our application window doesn’t appear to be launching, simply change the pop-up blocker settings for Ulster Bank on your browser and try launching the application again.

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