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Account Balance

We’re changing the way we show you your current account balance

What is changing?

Over the next three months, we are making changes to our systems which will mean that you will no longer see a balance described as ‘available’ on your current account. This will not affect how much you have in your account, only how we show it to you.

Why are we making the changes?

As part of the rules introduced by the Banking Regulator, the FCA, all Banks have made changes to how they display available balances on current accounts. This is because your ‘available’ funds can be a combination of your own money and any agreed overdraft limit you may have with us.

This change is so that customers have a clear view of when they are using their own funds and when they are using their arranged overdraft which will incur a charge.

Add your signposting title here… What will the changes look like?

Here are some of the main differences you'll see after the changes have been made compared to how balances are displayed at the moment.

How balances have been displayed before

How balances will be displayed after the changes

Examples of current account balances with Arranged Overdrafts


Example of an account in credit

  • Account balance: £100
  • Balance including pending transaction: £75
  • Overdraft limit: £500
  • Overdraft remaining: £500

The account is in credit and has £25 pending transactions and an overdraft limit of £500. The customer can spend another £75 without going into their overdraft and paying interest.


Example of an account overdrawn

  • Account balance: £100
  • Balance including pending transactions: -£150
  • Overdraft limit: £500
  • Overdraft remaining: £350

The account is overdrawn and has £250 pending transactions. Customer now has £350 remaining of their £500 Arranged Overdraft limit (use of Arranged Overdraft will include paying interest).


Icon expand Where will you see these changes?

You will see your Current Account balance change 

  • When you call us
  • When you visit us in Branch
  • When using Mobile Banking
  • When using Anytime Banking 
  • When using an ATM

The changes will appear where we tell you your balance and also on payment and transfer options. The way the balances are displayed may differ slightly depending on which channel you use to access your current account balance. 


Icon expand When are the changes happening?

Because we want you to be able to bank in the way most convenient to you, you can check your balances and process transactions a number of different  ways.  This includes using ATMs, Mobile Banking and Anytime Banking in addition to over the phone or going into a branch.  This means that, to ensure you see your balance correctly, we need to make adjustments to a number of our systems.  

To minimise the risks involved in making these changes to our systems, we have decided to implement them in phases between March and June. Although this may result in you seeing your balance presented differently depending on which bank system you are using, your actual balance will not be affected in any way.


Icon expand Will these changes affect my balance or the amount I can withdraw from my account?

No, your account balance will not be affected.  You will still be able to withdraw the same amount as you would before the changes were made.  

The changes only affect how your balance is presented to make it clear when you are using your overdraft, if you have one.


Icon expand How will I know if a transfer or payment I'm going to make will take me overdrawn?

Once these changes are introduced, we will warn you if you are going to use your arranged overdraft due to a transfer or payment being made using Online Banking, the mobile app or in ATMs.  If you are doing a transaction over the phone or in branch, the member of staff dealing with your request will also tell you.

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