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Life Insurance

Most people insure their car, mobile phone, even fridge - what about protecting the people that matter?

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Life Insurance is provided by AIG

Fancy a £75 gift card?

If you take out a life insurance policy with AIG by the 26th June they will give you a £75 gift card for Argos, B&Q or M&S (T&Cs apply). 


Find out more about the cover below and you could get a quote from AIG.

Why is protection important? Having insurance for the things we value is simply common sense

Insurance for family and mortgage

Life Insurance is provided by AIG. It pays a cash lump sum if you die, or you are diagnosed with a terminal illness while you are insured. Insurance is available to UK residents aged 17 - 86 

I want to protect my family and mortgage 

Level Insurance
This pays out a fixed amount , so it’s a good way to help give your family a financial safety net.


Decreasing Insurance
Helps protect you if you have a repayment mortgage or loan.


Increasing Insurance 
This helps protect your insurance from the effects of inflation, giving you and your family extra reassurance for the future.

Critical 3 with Life Insurance

Critical 3 with Life Insurance is brought to you by AIG. It will pay out a sum of money if, while you're insured, you suffer from certain forms of cancer of a specific severity, a heart attack or stroke. It will also pay out if you die or you're diagnosed as terminally ill.


You could use the money to help pay off your mortgage, or help to pay for unforeseen costs due to your illness such as rehabilitation treatments or alterations to your home. Available to those between the age of 17 to 75.

Are you over 60? 

Guaranteed Sixty-Plus Life Insurance provides a payout that could be used towards funeral expenses or to leave behind a gift for your loved ones. Click here for more information.

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