Guaranteed Sixty-Plus Life Insurance


Guaranteed Sixty-Plus Life Insurance

A cash payment for your loved ones

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Life Insurance is provided by AIG

A cash payment for your loved ones


When you're older, with a grown up family, you may feel there's no need for life insurance.
But would you like to leave a gift for the grandchildren or help your loved ones pay your funeral expenses or cover any unpaid bills? 

Guaranteed acceptance if you're aged 60 - 80 and live in the UK, you can take out insurance

Guaranteed payouts after two years, AIG will pay the full insurance amount when you die

Guaranteed payments the amount you pay will never increase, unless you choose to protect your insurance from the effects of inflation

Affordable with insurance starting at £5 a month, life insurance needn't be out of reach

Protected Insurance if during the time you’re insured, you have to stop making your monthly payments after having paid half of those due, you could still be insured for a reduced amount.


There are no medical questions or examination required

Guaranteed Sixty-Plus Life Insurance, provided by AIG, is an easy, low-cost way to guarantee your family a cash lump sum when you die. It's important to remember that if you die within the first two years, AIG will refund one and a half times the payments you've already made, unless you die as a result of an accident when AIG will pay three-times your insurance amount. 

Important information


The insurance has no cash in value at any time. Your payments will end on attaining age 90

Depending on how long you live, you may pay more for your insurance than is paid out when you die. It's wise to review your insurance from time to time as inflation could reduce the spending power of any money you’re paid in the future.

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