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Thanks for applying for an overdraft with us

How did your application go?

My application was accepted

That’s great news!


If you apply Monday to Thurday before 5.30pm, your overdraft limit will be applied the next working day. Anytime after this and it will take up to two working days.     

I have been asked to provide more information

Sometimes we need a bit more information to confirm your identity, address and validate your income. 


We try to do this electronically but sometimes we need to see physical proof. You may receive an email / text message inviting you to provide this information electronically via our DigiDocs portal.


Alternatively, you'll shortly receive an application pack in the post detailing exactly what documents we require. 

My application was declined and I don't know why

When coming to our decision, we use a process called credit scoring, as well as taking into account any current information that is available to us.


We understand it can be disappointing when an application is declined. To help you understand why we decline some applications, please consider reading our guide to borrowing and credit scoring. This may also assist you when making future credit applications.



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