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Loan repayment break examples

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Loan repayment break examples

When requesting a repayment break for your loan, it's impotant that you understand the impact on your overall balance and your monthly payments.

The below table shows how a payment break of 6 months might change the cost of a loan based on a range of interest rates and the potential impact on the loan term. 

  • These are illustrative examples only, based on a sample of interest rates and remaining terms.
  • The examples show the number of additional repayments required to repay your missed payments plus the additional interest. They assume that monthly payments continue as normal after a repayment break. 


  Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Current loan balance £5,000 £7,500 £10,000
Loan interest rate 3.4% 7.9% 15.9%
Monthly payments left 36 36 48
Additional interest owed £88.11 £354.91 £1,499.09
Regular repayment amount £146.29 £234.68 £282.90
Final repayment amount £88.08 £120.10 £83.99
Extra monthly payments needed 7 8 12
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