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Investment Fraud

Investment scams 

Don't let the money you want to invest fall into the wrong hands. 

Investment fraud
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What are investment scams?


Investment scams are one of many ways criminals try and steal your money. They try to convince you to invest in a scheme, shares or commodities, which either don’t exist, or aren’t worth the money paid for them. 

These scams are becoming increasingly common and can take a variety of forms, so it's important you know how to spot them. Scammers will target anyone who responds to them and may build trusting relationships with their victims over a period of time.

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Whilst it's really important to be cautious of any approach asking you to invest, below are some of the more common scams we see. 


Clone investments

Recovery fraud

What to look out for
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  • Unexpected contact from someone you don’t know, who seems to know a lot about you. This doesn't mean they're who they say they are.  If you're not sure - hang up!
  • Time pressure - you may be promised a discount if you invest by a certain date, don't let this pressure you. Always think it through carefully and seek independent advice.
  • Pop up ads - offering investments with well-known banks and asking you to fill out a form. Always contact the provider directly.
How to protect yourself
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  • Seek reputable, independent financial advice before you commit to an investment. Never take advice from the company that contacted you directly. 
  • Before you hand over money ensure the firm you use is on the FCA register and is allowed to give financial advice. You should also verify any contact details via the register too. If they're not on here, or the details don't match, it's likely a scam. 
  • Check the FCA list of unauthorised businesses which is updated regularly. They list businesses believed to be involved in fraudulent activities. You can also carry out further scam checks on this website. 
  • Be cautious of all unexpected calls, emails and text messages. Don’t assume they’re genuine, even if the person seems to know a lot about you or your previous investments. 
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If you think you've handed money or personal details over to a scammer, we're here to help. It's really important you contact us straight away.
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