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Ways to bank
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When looking for the most convenient way to bank, Ulster Bank has you covered.

Anytime Banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible account.

App available on most smartphones to customers with Anytime Banking and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Payments over the weekend have changed

Find out what this means for you

The way regular payments come in and out of your account(s) over a weekend has changed, and your available balance may be affected.

What's changed:

Payments into your account at the weekend (like your salary, pension or other regular income)

Any payments due into your account on a Monday will only be available to you from the Monday and not the Saturday as before.


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Payments out of your account at the weekend (like Direct Debits and Standing Orders)

Any payments due out of your account on a Monday will leave your account on the Monday, meaning this money will still be available to you over the weekend.

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