Accounts with other banks

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Accounts with other banks

No need to go from app to app, logging on and logging off. Check your current account balances and transactions at different banks on the Ulster Bank app.

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Accounts with Other Banks is available to those who use our app. You need to be registered with your other bank for their online banking. This service allows you to view your current account balances and transactions with your other bank. You can’t make payments or transfers via our app. App available to customers with Anytime Banking and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Accounts with other banks how to

Now on our app: your other banks

If you have a number of current accounts at different banks, we've now made it easier for you to keep and eye on them all. It's a new feature of the Ulster Bank app called "Accounts with other banks".

How does "Accounts with other banks" work?

On our updated app, you'll find a feature that lets you see the current accounts you have at selected UK banks. So rather than have to check your balances and transactions on a number of different apps - all with their own individual logins - you can now see them together.

Open Banking

We were able to develop the "Accounts with other banks" in-app feature because of the introduction of Open Banking. This is the sharing of information between banks that can give you a clearer overview of your finances. At the moment, it's exlusively for current accounts, but eventually Open Banking will include other types of accounts as well, like savings and credit cards.

Does it happen automatically?

Absolutely not. Banks can only share your data if you've requested that they do so. And we make it easy for you to change your mind. You can be very specific about what you want to be shared, which banks you want it to be shared with and how long you might want it to be shared for. And every three months we'll ask you to confirm that this is what you want.

How safe is my data?

In a word: very. Our app - which is where you'll find this new feature - is as secure as ever. You have a choice of Touch ID, Adroid Fingerprint ID, Face ID and six-digit passcode to log in. And none of your data will be stored on your phone. When you log out, the information disappears. Touch ID and Face ID available on selected Apple devices. Android fingerprint available on selected Android devices.

Getting started

Tap "Add an account from another bank" after logging on to our app and instructions will appear. After you've followed those, your balances and account data should pop up within two minutes. Logging out and then in again may speed things up. Depending on how many there are, it might take up to three hours for transactions to load. But when you use the app again, updating them will be much quicker.

How to remove accounts

It's quick and easy to remove accounts. Go to the app. Tap the icon in the top right. "Accounts with other banks" will then appear. This will take you to the list of accounts you created. you can remove any of all of them instantly.

The following banks are a part of the "Accounts with Other Banks" feature

This is the list of all banks that are currently supported. Behind the scenes we're busy making sure it works with as many as possible, so if you don't see your bank listed we're sorry, we hope to support it soon.

Allied Irish Bank

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Scotland


Danske Bank

First Direct

First Trust Bank




M&S Bank



Royal Bank of Scotland


Ulster Bank (NI Only)

Switching your accounts

Switching your current account with Ulster Bank is backed by the industry-wide Current Account Switching Service guarantee.

Switching is where we move everything across from your old bank account to your new Ulster Bank current account, including your balance, bill payments, etc, within 7 working days.

Try: "Accounts with other banks"
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