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Changes to the way you receive your statements

You may have recently received a message from us, asking you to confirm that you’re happy to continue getting quarterly paper statements (every 3 months). This could have been by SMS (text message) email or a letter. New regulatory guidance means we need you to agree that we can continue to send them quarterly otherwise we’ll need to move you to monthly paper statements. Please take the time to respond by 22nd June so we can keep you on quarterly paper statements.

You may prefer to get your statements online instead. Millions of our customers have already moved to paperless and you can too.

  • You can reduce paper waste
  • It’s a fast and secure way to manage your account(s)
  • You’ll get instant access to your account(s) and statements any time you like
  • You can view up to seven years of statements

To start receiving online statements, simply log into Anytime Banking and click on the ‘Paperless settings’ option in the left-hand menu. You should also check the email address we hold for you is correct as this will be where we send your online statements.

Click here for commonly asked questions about why we're making these changes to your statements.

Click here for more information on going paperless.


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