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Ways to Pay

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App available to customers aged 11+ with compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries. Anytime Banking available to customers aged 11+ with an Ulster account.

Make the most of using your card

Did you know there are a number of secure and convenient ways to pay with your card? Why not try contactless payment for transactions up to £45? Or leave the wallet at home and pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay on your mobile device.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are available on selected devices. 


Pay in-store
  • Contactless: Pay with contactless! It is an easy, fast and safe way to pay for all those small, everyday items up to £45 (retailer limits may apply).
  • Apple Pay / Google Pay: If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can complete contactless purchases even over £45 (retailer limits may apply).
  • Chip & Pin: You can also make payments using your PIN.
Pay online
  • Your card is one of the safest ways to pay when you're shopping online and gives you greater protection.
  • When you pay with your card you can keep track of all your spending with the app or Anytime Banking.
  • If there is an issue with a purchase you recently made with your card, we may be able to help. Visit our card payment support centre for further details.
Keeping your payments safe

Whether you're using your card online or in-store, here’s some other ways to stay protected:

  • When paying online, you may be asked to approve the transaction in the Ulster Bank Mobile Banking app or by entering an one-time passcode (OTP). Find out more about how we protect you.
  • Shop safely online by always using retailers you trust and be cautious when buying from social media or online marketplaces.
  • Before making a payment, think twice about who you're sending money to.
  • We always want to make sure that you stay safe when shopping online. Visit our fraud and security pages to find some top tips on how to protect yourself from fraud and scam.
  • Use the mobile app to set payment controls for your card so you can turn off and on the types of payments your card can be used for.
  • When using contactless, you’ll occasionally be asked to input your PIN when you present your card - it’s just another way to keep you safe and protect your payments. 
Protect yourself against fraud and scams

Digital wallet

Using your debit or credit card to make a contactless payment with Apple Pay or Google Pay is fast, easy and secure – no personal information is passed from your phone to the reader, not even your name or bank details. We keep your payments safe and protected in the same way we do if you’re using contactless or chip and PIN.

  • Make contactless payments over £45.
  • Make online payments.
  • Receive instant transaction notifications.
  • Use your device’s biometric authentication* (i.e. Face ID, Touch ID or face/fingerprint unlock on Android) to keep your account safe.
  • You can use your mobile device wherever you see the contactless logo and you do not need telephone signal.

*Touch ID and Face ID available on selected Apple devices. Face/fingerprint unlock available on selected Android devices.

Apple Pay available on selected Apple devices. Retailer limits may apply. Google Pay available on selected Android devices. Retailer limits may apply.

Apple pay
Apple pay

Enjoy all the benefits of your debit or credit card with Apple Pay on selected iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs. Simply select your Ulster Bank card as your default card in Apple Pay and you’ll be able to make purchases above the £45 contactless limit (retailer limits may apply).

Paying in stores and on the web has never been easier or safer. Your card information is secure because it isn’t stored on your device or shared when you pay and Apple Pay doesn’t store your transaction information, ensuring all purchases are private.

Set up Apple Pay
Google pay
Google pay

With Google Pay™ you can use your debit or credit card on your phone to pay for anything from a coffee on the go to a new TV.  Google Pay doesn’t share your card number, so your information stays safe and secure. It’s a fast, simple and secure way to pay with your debit or credit card in stores and online.

Simply select your Ulster Bank card as your default card in Google Pay and you can start making purchases wherever you see the contactless logo. There is also no £45 contactless limit when you use it in stores (retailer limits may apply).

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

Set up Google Pay
Card payment controls

Stay in control of what you spend by turning on payment controls in the mobile app, which stops your card making certain types of payments. You can switch these back off at any time.


Payment controls categories



Turning 'on' the contactless control will stop:


  • Contactless purchases
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay when tapping your phone


Turning 'on' the in-person control will stop:


  • Payments at retailers using chip and PIN
  • Contactless payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Online & telephone

Turning 'on' the online & telephone control will stop:


  • Online purchases and shopping with manually entered card details
  • Online purchases with saved card details


Turning 'on' the subscriptions control will stop:


  • Recurring payments you set with your card, not your account, for example Netflix
  • Subscriptions linked to your card
  • Memberships and payment plans linked to your card


Turning 'on' the gambling control will stop:


  • Payments at casinos and race tracks
  • Payments at online betting companies
  • Payments made in betting shops
  • Purchasing lottery tickets online


Turning 'on' the international in-person control will stop:


  • Making purchases abroad at retailers using chip and PIN
  • Contactless purchases abroad, Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Taking cash out at non-UK cash machines
using the mobile app
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Keep track of your payments with our secure and convenient mobile app.

App available to customers aged 11+ with compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

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Ulster NI debit card next to merchant terminal
Add your signposting title here… Using your cards abroad

Just take your card or mobile device with you and you can use the different ways to pay to buy a drink on the beach, a meal in the mountains or a hotel by a lake – easy, safe and quick payment methods with no need to carry cash -  letting you get on with enjoying your trip.

With Ulster Bank, we help to protect you while you are abroad, so before you go:

  • Make sure you've provided us with your mobile number in case we need to contact you.
  • Take a note of our emergency contact number should you have any problems with your cards.
  • You can let us know you’re going away using the mobile app, then you can have a hassle-free holiday. (MasterCard customers only, each credit card must be registered separately.)
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