Counterfeit banknotes lightbox

Check the paper and the raised print

Genuine banknotes are printed on special paper, using a special process that gives them a unique feel.

They should feel crisp and not limp or waxy.

Raised print can also be used in some of the features on genuine banknotes and should feel slightly rough to the touch.

The print quality should be sharp and clear and freefrom smudges and blurred images.

Check the security thread

Every note contains a security thread and when held to the light shows as a continuous dark line with the words 'Ulster Bank' clearly visible.

Check the ultra-violet feature

Genuine banknotes are dull under a UV light with only special features becoming visible and highlighted in yellow.


Check the watermark

Genuine watermarks are embedded in every banknote and should be hardly apparent until the note is held up to the light and the words 'Ulster Bank' become visible.


Check banknote sizes

Banknotes get slightly larger as they increase in value, so a £10 note is bigger than a £5 note and so on.

Check the hologram

If a genuine note bears a hologram, the colours and imageswill change depending on the angle the note is held.

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