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Accessibility and Disability

Providing Excellent Service

We are committed to providing excellent service to everyone. We recognise that our customers have a range of needs and we are working with various groups to make sure that our services and products are completely accessible.


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In Branch


We are improving our branches to make access easier for everyone. We have carried out a full review of all our branches (both inside and out) to assess their physical accessibility and what we can do to improve them in future refurbishment schemes.

If you have any suggestions, comments or views, please contact your local branch to discuss them. Locations and contact details for our branches can be found on our branch locator.



Where possible, our newer ATMs have been installed at a height suitable for wheelchair access


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For You


We offer the following range of services to help with your day to day banking:

- With your consent we can record details of your disability and your preferred method of contact. This information is used to ensure that we tailor our services and communicate with you in a way that suits you best

- We can provide large sized cheque books that may be easier for you to use

- We can provide templates to help you complete cheques and credit slips

Please contact your branch and tell us how we can help you and we will do our best to meet your needs




All of our ATMs have audible tone prompts after each key depression. The keyboards on our new ATMs also have the following features:

- Raised dot on the number 5

- Coloured keys for 'entry' and 'error'

We will be installing ATMs that can talk


Accessible Debit Cards


They have been specially designed to be easier to use, especially if you’re blind or partially sighted. The card has several features:

- A series of raised dots or lines, so you’ll know which card is your Ulster Bank card.

- Telephone numbers on the back of the card are 50% larger to make reading easier.

If you require braille, large print or audio correspondence, an accessible debit card with embossed numbers is also available.

Order an embossed accessible debit card.




For customers with visual impairments we provide the following services free of charge:

- Statements and general correspondence produced in Braille, large print or on audiotape

- Brochures produced in Braille, large print or on audiotape

- PIN numbers provided in Braille




- Our website and online banking should work with all major screen reader software. If you are using screen reader software while accessing online banking, you may prefer not to have your screen refreshed so that your software has sufficient time to read the contents of a screen without interruption. To help with this, we have introduced a feature where a user can choose to not have their screen refreshed.

- Our website should work with the accessibility options in iOS and Android for tablet and mobile users.

- Our website should work with the accessibility options in iOS and Android for tablet and mobile users.

- Our website has keyboard shortcuts that can be accessed on a computer by using the following keys on the following browsers:


Alt on Windows
Ctrl + ⌥ Opt on Mac

Firefox & Safari

Alt+Shift on Windows
Ctrl+⌥ Opt on Mac

Internet Explorer 8 and above

Alt on Windows
For links, you need Alt + Access Key focused on the element along with Enter to activate

Internet Explorer (prior to IE8)

Alt + Access Key focused on the element along with Enter to activate

Access Keys
H Load home page
A Load accessibility page
N Skip to the main navigation of a page
S Skip to the main navigation of a page

Anytime Banking Access Keys
0 (zero) Return to start of screen / Access key details
M Skip to Menu
S Skip to main content
O Skip to accessibility

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In Branch


 - We have hearing induction loops in all of our branches. In addition to providing fixed loops on some of our counter positions, all branches have a portable induction loop that is available for use in interview rooms.

 - We can arrange for an Action on Hearing Loss sign language interpreter to be present for meetings free of charge, but please bear in mind that this may require a few days notice.

By Phone


You can contact us using Relay UK Service (previously Next Generation Text Service).

Relay UK Service is free to use, normal call charges apply. For more information visit


Using SignVideo for British Sign Language Users

SignVideo provides on demand interpretation to enable British Sign Language users to have access to telephone banking services.

You can learn more about sign Video in BSL by viewing this video. Helpful sign language video

SignVideo is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. You’ll need to have a computer or device with one of the following operating systems:

  • iOS devices (8 or upwards), many Android devices (4.4 upwards), PC (i3 or above) or Mac with a webcam
  • IE 9-11 or Firefox (for Windows), Safari for Mac
  • Bandwidth of at least 256 kbp/s upload and download (384 kbp/s recommended)

The first time you use SignVideo, you’ll be asked to install technology called a plug-in on your computer or to download the SignVideo app if you’re using a tablet or smartphone. It will help with the video quality and make sure your calls are secure. You only need to do this once.

Once installed, return to this website and click on the SignVideo links below. You’ll be taken to a new window and connected via a secure video link to a fully qualified and NRCPD registered interpreter. Tell them that you want to speak to Ulster Bank.

Before you call, get together any account details or information that you’ll need to identify yourself. That way, we’ll be able to get you to the right person quickly.

Start using SignVideo

Things you need to know:

This service is available for all account servicing, and we'll be able to help with many of your day to day banking queries and transactions. Remember, please be cautious with your personal details. We’ll never ask you to disclose your PIN, or full password. The interpreter will help deal with your request in a safe and secure way.

Your video call is relayed in real time using secure technology. However, we may record the voice conversation between your interpreter and Ulster Bank for training and monitoring purposes.

Where to get help:

For troubleshooting or technical guidance about SignVideo, please contact


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For You


 - If you have difficulty typing a PIN number, we can offer a Chip and Signature credit or debit card as an alternative to a Chip and PIN card.

 - We can provide large sized cheque books that may be easier for you to use.

 - We can provide templates to help you complete cheques and credit slips.



 - Our website design allows for bigger buttons and links so that you can use the site more easily. You can increase the font size to make the links/buttons larger.


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