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Mobile transactions explained

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  1. Account - Name of the account the statement covers
  2. Date – The date when the transaction was performed by yourself or claimed by the retailer
  3. Description – This provides a summary of the transaction
  4. Paid in – Value of the transaction paid (credited) into the account
  5. Paid out - Value of the transaction taken out (debited) from the account 
  6. Balance – Indicates the current available balance of the account
More about your transaction list

Icon expand Payments made by using your debit card in a shop

When you buy something in a shop using your debit card, your ‘available funds’ are decreased by the amount you have spent. However your 'balance' will only change when the retailer claims the funds from your account. Its at this point that you will be able to see the transaction on your statement and your balance is reduced.

Retailers can take up to 4 days to claim the funds from your account.

The description of the transaction will appear on your mobile banking statement. You can reveal more information by expanding the transaction row. This will display the last four digits of your card number, the date of the transaction, the name of the retailer and usually their location.


Icon expand Regular payments like direct debits or standing orders

When a standing order or Direct Debit is claimed from your account, your balance and available funds will be reduced by the amount of the claim.

For example, if your regular payment is due to be paid on a Monday, your balance and available funds are usually reduced by the amount of the transaction on the previous Saturday morning.

On your mobile banking statement, the retailers name is displayed for a Direct Debit. The name of the payee is displayed for a standing order.


Icon expand Salary payments on your statement

Most salary payments are paid by BACS and will appear automatically on the date the salary is due.


Icon expand Funds paid in at a branch

If you pay in cash, it is immediately reflected in your balance and available funds. This will appear as a 'Teller transaction' on your  mobile banking statement. The sort code of the branch you used will also be displayed in full online statements on the following business day.

If you pay in a cheque, it will appear in your balance on the following day but your available funds are not increased until the cheque is cleared. This usually takes 3 days.

Cheques can be returned unpaid, so you should allow at least four full working days before you use money from a cheque you've paid in. In some cases, because cheques may still come back unpaid after this time, it may take up to five working days for a cheque to clear and postal delays can extend this period further.

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