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Manage your savings

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When it comes to saving we think it helps to have a plan.

Our Savings Goal Tool can help you understand how much you need to save each month to progress towards your goal.

Set one up using our mobile app today.

App available to Online Banking customers with a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

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Remove an account party online


What will removing a party mean for my account?


Once a party is removed from an account the party will no longer have any access to it or to any funds in the account.

You can remove someone from your account if you hold a joint Current account or joint Savings account.


How do I remove a party from my account online?


Before you apply to remove a party from your savings account, please ensure you read through the following criteria:

  • To remove a person from your account you will both need to provide consent and 1 form of ID along with a selfie from the front and side profile.
  • Proof of identity is required from both parties. Forms of identification accepted online will be a valid driving licence, passport, European ID or Biometric Residence Permit along with a selfie photo from the front and side profile. 
  • The removed party will then be invited to complete the application through our online form, which will be sent to them via email.

If the account you want to remove a party from has more than 2 account holders or has an overdraft over £250 you will be unable to use the online service. To process this request we will need you to visit your local branch

Please be aware, once you have completed the online process, you and the party being removed from the account will receive a confirmation email from:



Apply to remove a party


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Additional information for accounts no longer available to new customers


Your Savings Account Terms - Accounts no longer available for sale

Help to Buy: ISA Information Sheet

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