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App available to customers with Anytime Banking using compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

What you can do with the app

Our banking app is like having a bank in your pocket, always open and you can do lots of the things you would do in a branch or over the phone - except faster.


Stay in complete control of your money


  • Check your balances and move money between accounts instantly

Log in with your fingerprint or face


  • No need to remember your passcode, log in securely with a smile or a tap

Create new and manage existing payments


  • Pay other people instantly without using a card reader and view, cancel or amend standing orders and Direct Debits

Touch ID, Android Fingerprint and Face ID are available on compatible mobile and tablet devices. Payment limits apply.

Pay someone new

Securely send up to £1000 without needing a card reader.

Send up to £1000 securely to another person instantly, using their Sort Code and Account Number. No need to log into Anytime Banking and use a card reader.


It's great for sending money to pay bills instead of using cheques or cash. You can also get a PDF receipt for the payment after it's sent.


Please note that:

  • Payments under £1000 can be saved on the mobile app and will also show in Anytime Banking for future use.
  • You must be aged 16 or over and there is a maximum of 5 payments totalling £1000 per day.

Get Cash with no card

Withdraw money from an ATM using your app, not a debit card.

Get Cash lets you withdraw money quickly from an ATM, without using your bank card, and it's great for those times when you pop out during your lunch hour but don't have cash on you.


Just open your app, tap on 'Get Cash' at the bottom and follow the step by step instructions. It's an easy and secure way to get money when you don't have your card.


Please note:

  • Withdraw up to £130 every 24 hours at any Ulster Bank NI, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland) or Tesco cash machine as long as it’s within your daily withdrawal limit. You must have at least £10 available in your account.

Keeping you secure

We put your security front and centre.

Independent security experts regularly test, update, and confirm that our systems meet the highest standards of security you expect.


Our registration steps are secure and we validate your details to make sure only you can access your accounts.


With fingerprint and facial recognition, logging in to your app is safe. If your phone doesn't have these features you can create  a unique 5-8 digit passcode.

What's new in the mobile banking app for February?

Get closer to where your money goes

Spending money is easy, and so is keeping an eye on it with our newest budget tool in your mobile banking app.


Spending automatically places your current account transactions into categories, so you can get a detailed picture of where your money goes each month and makes staying in control of your money even easier.


You can also set and track monthly spending budgets for one or more categories to help you stay on top of your spending. Our app will even show you how much you'll save over the year if you stick to your budgets.


Find out more about Spending by opening your app and selecting it from the bottom of your screen.


What you need to know:

You must be aged 16+ and hold a Personal or Premier current account to see the Spending tab in your mobile banking app.

Learn more about Spending


View your credit score


Staying on top of your financial health just got easier, because now you can check your credit score for free with our mobile app.


Planning ahead is easy - now you can see your credit score for free in our mobile app.


Your credit score gives you an indication of your credit health. You can now check yours in our app, so it's easier to plan ahead and know your likelihood of being accepted for borrowing with us. It's free and you can check it as often as you like without it affecting your credit score in any way.


Here's what you need to know:

  • Your credit score will be updated every 30 days and can be found in the 'My profiles' section
  • Credit score available once opted in through the app, to customers aged 18+, with a UK address and is provided by TransUnion.

Learn more about Credit Score

How to get the app
  • Go to your app store and search for 'Ulster Bank NI Mobile Banking'. Download, open the app and tap 'I'm already a customer' to get started.
  • Follow the step by step instructions to securely register for the app. If you don't have or don't remember your Anytime Banking details simply tap 'What's my customer number' or 'Forgotten secure details' to get them.
  • Once finished, simply open the app to have instant access to your accounts.
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