Whats new in Anytime Banking

What's new in Anytime Banking

What's new in Anytime Banking

Find out about the latest updates to your Anytime Banking below...

Anytime Banking is available to those aged 11+ with an eligible Ulster Bank Northern Ireland account.

Payments over the weekend have changed

Find out what this means for you

The way regular payments come in and out of your account(s) over a weekend has changed, and your available balance may be affected.

What's changed:

Payments into your account at the weekend (like your salary, pension or other regular income)

Any payments due into your account on a Monday will only be available to you from the Monday and not the Saturday as before.


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Payments out of your account at the weekend (like Direct Debits and Standing Orders)

Any payments due out of your account on a Monday will leave your account on the Monday, meaning this money will still be available to you over the weekend.

Latest improvements

Fresh look

We’re giving Anytime Banking a fresh new look.

We recently updated the login screen and we’re now introducing this new look to our improved Transaction Search function. 

This refreshed look will gradually be rolled out across Anytime Banking making the service even easier to use.

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Improved transaction search 

We have made it easier than ever to find a past transaction.

We have simplified the Transaction Search tool, making it easier for you to search up to 7 years of transaction history as and when you need to.

Transaction search
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Show me how to...

Do more with your Anytime Banking by visiting our ‘show me how to…’ page.

This page has now been personalised to give you the best experience possible for personal, private & business customers.

Here you will find all the information you need to make the most of your Anytime Banking.

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Past updates

Log in with your debit or credit card 

Forgotten your customer number? log in using your debit or credit card.

If you have forgotten your customer number and need help to login to your Anytime Banking, you can now log in using the long number on your debit or credit card.

At the login page you can now choose to your debit or credit card or continue to log in using your customer number.

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Want to set up a payment for a future date? 

We have made it easier to set up future dated payments.

We have added a 'Select a date' option to make it easier to set up future dated payments.

If you set up a payment to leave your account on a bank holiday or weekend you will receive a prompt letting you know that this payment will be taken the next working day.

Can I cancel a
scheduled payment


More letters are now available, stored within Anytime Banking.

Access your banking letters within Anytime Banking.

Your Anytime Banking Mailbox allows you to receive important mail related to your accounts electronically. 

We’re continuing to make even more of your bank account letters available to access online. You can now receive selected account opening letters to your Mailbox, so if you’re opening a new savings account, current account or personal loan you’ll see your new account documents in your Mailbox.

  • We’ll automatically send letters that appear in your Mailbox by post, but you can choose to go paperless and just receive the online version, so why not make the switch to paperless mail today?
  • If you switch to paperless mail, we will send you an alert to let you know when you have new letters in your Mailbox, you can choose to receive a text alert, email or both.
  • Letters will remain in your Mailbox for up to 2 years.
  • You can download and print letters in your Mailbox at any time.

Once you’ve read your mail, you can use the Archive button to move it into the Archive folder to help keep your Mailbox tidy.

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Your Mailbox

Using debit cards abroad

You can now register your travel plans within Anytime Banking.

Registering details of your up and coming trip is simple to do and will make using your debit card (including savings & Cashline cards) abroad even easier.

To register your card abroad, follow the below steps:

  • Log in to Anytime Banking.
  • Select 'Cards' from within the left hand menu.
  • Select 'Using your cards abroad'.
  • Click 'Manage your travel plans for your debit card/credit card'.
  • Input the details of your travel plans. 
Register your debit card
Using your debit card abroad

Making bill payments

We have made it quicker and easier to make a new payment through Anytime Banking.

  • When creating a new payment using Anytime Banking, we’ll now tell you if we recognise the account details you’ve entered and give you the option of selecting the company you’re paying from our list of common payees.
  •  This improvement will help to give you added confidence when setting up a new payment.
  • You can also choose to continue to enter the details manually if you prefer.
Make a payment
Making bill payment

Change a payment reference

Change a payment reference when you pay a business or individual.

  • We’ve made it simpler to change the payment reference when sending a payment.
  • You now have the option to change the current reference for a payee within the same screen.
  • If you run a business it is now easier to change the reference when paying various invoices or individuals.
  • This option will quickly help you to better manage and keep track of your outgoing payments.
Manage your references
Change a payment reference
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