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What's your savings goal?

Have you started saving for something?

Saving for a rainy day or holiday? Our Savings Goal tool could help

Our Savings Goal tool allows you to set your savings targets and track your progress against them within our online banking service. 

Once you have a savings account with us and are registered for Anytime Internet Banking, you can use the Savings Goal tool. Simply choose the goal you are saving towards, calculate your ideal savings plan and track your progress. 

You can only have one savings goal for each savings account. 

Find out how easy it is to use our Savings Goal Tool


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  • New car? House deposit? Dream holiday?
  • Whatever you're saving towards, track your progress with our savings tool
Savings goal tool

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  • Tell us how much you want to save and your target date
  • Choose a category and give your goal a personal name e.g. holiday 2016
  • Calculate your ideal savings plan
Savings goal tool, choosing a goal

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  • See how much you'll save based on your plan
  • Try out different options to achieve your goal
Savings goal tool, choosing a goal

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  • When you’re done, assign your goal to a savings account or open a new one
  • To keep things simple only one savings goal can be assigned to one savings account
  • Share your goal with somebody else if you have a joint savings account with them
Savings goal tool

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  • See your progress whenever you log into online banking
  • We'll show you if you’re on track or if you’re falling behind your target goal
  • You can update your goal if circumstances change
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