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Adapt Account

Our bank account for 11 to 18 year olds

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Available to customers aged over 11 and under 18 years old, resident in the UK. Terms and conditions apply.

At a glance What do you get with your bank account?
Visa debit card

If you're under 16, we will need your parent or guardian to give their consent for you to get a Visa debit card.

Mobile Banking

Instantly check your balance, transfer money and set up text alerts on our app. See also our Get Cash service.

Anytime Internet Banking

Access to our Anytime Internet Banking so you can keep on top of your spending.

No overdraft

You can't spend more than what's in your account, so there won't be any charges for being overdrawn.

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Please review the terms & conditions (PDF) that apply to your Adapt Account with a parent or guardian.


See the MoneySense FOR SCHOOLS website, our free financial education programme for students.

Also, our MoneySense AT HOME website is designed to help parents talk to their families about money.

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