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All you need to know about
managing your eSavings account

This account is no longer available to new customers 

Managing your account


Online or on the mobile app

You need to register for online banking in order to manage your account online or through our mobile app.
Our mobile app is available to customers with a valid device, Anytime Internet Banking and a UK mobile number.



Pay money in by online transfer only

All you need is your account number and sort code. 







Secure transfers using a Card Reader

To keep your money safe you'll need a card reader to transfer money out of your account for the first time. You can find out how to order one here. If you don't already have an Ulster Bank account with a debit card we will send you an Anytime Banking card and PIN when you first order the reader. These will arrive separately.


No minimum balance

There is no minimum balance, but there is a maximum balance of £5,000,000.



No minimum balance

There is no minimum balance, but there is a maximum balance of £50,000

No minimum balance

There is no minimum balance, but there is a maximum balance of £50,000

Common questions

Payment support

How can I take money out of my account?


You can transfer money out of an eSavings account via Anytime Internet Banking or the mobile app. You will need to register for Anytime Internet Banking first before you can make a transfer out of your account. Don't forget you need to use a Card Reader when setting up a transfer online for the first time. If you don't have a valid  Ulster Bank debit card we'll send you an Anytime Banking card and PIN when you first order your card reader.




How do I order a card reader?


To order a card-reader for Anytime Internet Banking:

  1. Log in to your Anytime Internet Banking service at in a new window)
  2. Select 'Security' from the menu.
  3. In the 'Using a card-reader' section select 'Order a card-reader'.
  4. Select a reason from the drop down menu.
  5. Click 'Confirm'.

When you order a card reader and do not have a valid Ulster Bank debit card we will send you an Anytime Internet Banking card and PIN for use with the card-reader. These will arrive separately within 10 working days.




Is there a limit on how much I can take out of my account?


The Anytime Internet Banking daily limit is £20,000 - that’s per person, not per account. Withdrawals made on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday will form part of the next working day's limit. If one party on a joint eSavings account makes a 3rd party payment it will also affect the daily limit of the other signatories on the account.


You can withdraw up to £250 per day using the mobile app without a card reader, 72 hours after  registering for Anytime Internet Banking.




What if I need to make a payment over the daily limit?


You can set up separate payments over a number of days using online banking.

Alternatively, you’ll need to write to us at the address below, noting your eSavings sort code and account number, and where you’d like to make the transfer to - you’ll also need to sign the letter (both of you if it’s a joint account).


Please note written requests will take time to arrive and pass security checks, which could lead to delays, so please consider if setting up payments over a number of days would be quicker for you.


Written process

Any written requests for withdrawals over the daily limit can only be returned to the account they originally came from. If that account is now closed, or you need to make payment to a third party, or we don’t hold a valid signature for you, you’ll need to visit an Ulster Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland or NatWest branch and provide:


•             A passport, driving license or EU National identity card; and

•             A statement for the account you wish to transfer to, if it’s in your name. Or if you’re transferring to a third party, their account details and full name.


The branch won’t be able to transfer your savings; they’ll pass your information to a team who will run security checks, to keep your money safe. Once through security, transfers will be made on the same day the processing team receive it, and it will be paid into the receiving account by the next day.


Address for written request:

Ulster Bank Ltd

Regular payments Team

1st Floor Danesfort

Stranmillis Road Belfast




I have lost my Anytime Internet Banking card, PIN or card reader. How do I get a replacement?


If you lose either your card or pin, both items will need to be replaced because they are linked together. These items can be re-ordered by contacting our Help desk using the link below. The card and PIN should arrive separately within 10 working days.


Anytime Internet Banking helpdesk






General account information

How do I close my account?


If the eSavings account is in joint names or if this is your only connection you can request closure by writing to the following address:


Ulster Bank Online Savings Account

Account Maintenance

Belfast Customer Service Centre


Stranmillis Road

Belfast BT9 5UB.


If your eSavings account is in your sole name and you have other connections with us you can close your account online within Anytime Banking




How can I change my address and mobile phone number on my eSavings account?


You can do this via Anytime Internet and Telephone Banking or by writing to us.



To change a mobile phone number via Anytime Internet Banking:


  1. Log on to the service and select 'Your details' from the left hand menu
  2. Select 'Update mobile phone number' under the 'Amend personal details' section 

Changing your mobile phone number is a 3 step process and you will require a card-reader to complete the change.



To change your address via Anytime Internet Banking:


1. Select Your Details on the left hand menu

2. Update your personal details, you can then use our webchat service within online banking to change your address. 


Please note: Our chat agents can only change your personal account address if we hold a valid mobile number for you and your mobile number hasn't change recently.



Call Telephone banking – as long as you are fully enrolled into our Anytime Banking service.


Write to us write to us at:


Ulster Bank Online Savings Account

Account Maintenance

Belfast Customer Service Centre


Stranmillis Road

Belfast BT9 5UB.




Can I add Power of Attorney to my account?


Yes, this is possible provided Power of Attorney is governed by the laws of Northern Ireland. At present English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Powers of Attorney are not recognised under Northern Irish law so will not be accepted.




Where can I get a copy of the account Terms and Conditions?


You can find the Terms and Conditions of your eSavings account in the following brochure. 





Account opening

(If you applied before 31st of October 2017)


How long is my application valid for?


Your application will expire within 28 days. If we ask you for any additional information make sure you provide it as quickly as you can.



When will my account be opened?


If your account wasn’t opened straight way we’ll email within 3 working days (if you’ve provided an email address), or write within 6 working days to advise you of next steps.



Will I get a welcome pack?


We will send a letter to confirm your account has been opened to your secure inbox within Anytime Internet Banking or we will post it to you. You can choose which way you'd like to receive it during your application.



Why might I see a temporary deduction of £1.01 on my statement?


If you provided Debit or Credit Card details during your application, you might see a temporary debit of £1.01 from your balance - we use this transaction to check your card’s valid. The money hasn’t actually been debited, and it’ll show as a refund or just disappear within a few days.



When will I be registered for Anytime Internet Banking?


If you weren’t provided with a Customer Number and given the option to set up your PIN and password at the end of your application you’ll need to wait to receive your Customer Number and Activation Code before you can log in to Anytime Internet Banking for the first time.


In most cases we’ll send your Customer Number 2 working days after your account is opened.  Your Activation Code will then be sent via email 24 hours later as long as you provided a valid email address and mobile number during your application, otherwise your activation code will be posted to you.



How do I pay money into my new eSavings account?


You can pay money into your new account by doing an online transfer from your existing bank or building society the next working day from when your account is opened. eSavings is an online only account so unfortunately we’re unable to accept cheques.



My account is open so why have I received paperwork?


We try and open your account as quickly as we can but if we need you to supply any additional information we will contact you by email. If your account is already open you don’t need to return the paper application.




What is my interest rate?



    Balance   AER/Gross p.a. (variable)
£1+ 1.25%


Annual Equivalent Rate (AER). This is a notional rate used for interest bearing accounts which illustrates the interest rate if paid and compounded each year. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts.


Gross Rate. This means the interest rate you are paid without the deduction of basic rate income tax.


p.a. - per annum (per year).


Interest rates effective from the 19th of June 2017


Interest is paid on the last business of the month

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