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You're applying for an eSavings account


To open an eSavings account you need to be 18 or over and a UK resident 

You'll earn 1.25% AER/Gross p.a. (variable)

It only takes a few minutes to apply

Gross means the interest rate you are paid without the deduction of income tax. AER: This is a notional rate used for interest bearing accounts which illustrates the interest rate if paid and compounded each year. It helps you to compare the effective rates of credit interest on different accounts. 

Step 1 - What you'll need for your application


Have a Passport and debit or credit card ready, and we could open your new account quickly

We could ID you quickly if you have a valid passport from the UK or Republic of Ireland to hand, along with a working credit or debit card. If you don't have these available, don't worry. You can still apply online and we'll ask you to provide other forms of ID.


If you would like to open a joint account just remember that you will need the details of both people who are looking to open a joint account. 

Enter both your mobile number and email address

We'll be able to open your account faster if you provide a mobile number and email address in the application. We'll be able to keep you updated quickly with important information relating to your application.

Are you a resident in Northern Ireland? 

Your eSavings application could take longer than normal to process due to some changes we're making to our systems.  If you need to open an account urgently you may wish to visit one of our branches which offer a range of similar products.

What you need to do at the end of your application

Remember to take note of the reference number or account number and sort code that you will receive at the end of your application. 


If you also receive a customer number as part of online and mobile banking registration you should take a note of this too, as this will allow you to manage your account online and via the app. You will see your new account online within three working days.


If you have not received a customer number as part of your application, we have registered you for our free online banking service. Once your account has been opened we will be in contact to let you know how to set this up.

To get in touch with us or view frequently asked questions please visit our support centre.

Step 2 - Read our important information


Please take some time to read, print and/or save copies of the following documents.


Personal account terms

A guide to personal account fees and interest

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme information sheet and exclusions list

Step 3 - Applying for an eSavings account


Would you like a sole or joint account?


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