Get to know Bankline

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Get to know Bankline


Bankline is available to Ulster Bank business current account customers. Fees may apply.

Enhanced digital banking for your business

With Bankline you can view all your accounts on one profile, create multiple users with customised roles and make payments of all sizes securely. It’s a digital platform designed to put you in control of your business finances. 

You’ll need a Ulster business current account to apply.

Features of Bankline

View up to 999 domestic and international accounts real time (including deposit* and loan accounts)

View up to 15 months historical balance and transaction information online

Set up payroll or supplier payments at home and abroad

Import payment files or key payments directly into Bankline

Increase control on all payment activity through "Dual Authorisation" feature

A local administrator function to tailor users' access rights

Smartcard and readers provide additional security to payment approvals

A dedicated Bankline Support team

External Account Reporting

Bankline in more detail

Icon expand Your accounts and balances

Bankline gives you complete control of all your accounts and lets you view your balances in real time. You can add up to 999 accounts, across all your businesses, including both sterling and currency accounts.
You can tailor the access rights and user privileges for each of your accounts to suit your business needs. You can also link accounts in Bankline to your existing accounting software.


Icon expand Payments and Transfers

Make payments of all sizes, simply and securely, and see where they’re up to at a glance.

With Bankline you can move money domestically, internationally and between your own accounts, through an intuitive and cost-effective payment process.

You can also save time by importing payment files and setting up bulk payments and templates for payees you pay regularly.

International payment service - terms and conditions (PDF, 1,072KB)


Icon expand Security

In Bankline we have a range of security features to put you in control and protect your business from fraud and cyber attacks:

  • Dual control features let you decide when two or more users will be needed to approve payments and changes to your profile
  • Set customised payment limits that work for your business and decide when extra levels of approval are required
  • An audit log captures all activities on an individual level. This can be tracked by users with the appropriate privileges.

Icon expand Customisation

You can set up your profile just how you need it, so it’s efficient, secure and mapped to your business. As your business changes, your Bankline profile can evolve with it. Key areas of customisation include: 

  • Creating users with different levels of access, so people can view and do just what they need to
  • Adding as many accounts as you like, including accounts for your other businesses
  • Setting your own payment limits that reflect the needs of your business 
  • Deciding where two-person authorisation is required for payments and changes to settings
  • Creating multiple administrators to manage your profile.

Icon expand Help and support

From getting your profile set up to supporting you day to day, we have a range of help available: 

  • We have a regularly updated FAQ hub, where you’ll find answers to every Bankline question
  • You can call the Bankline Helpdesk for support with more complex queries. Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
How much does Bankline cost?

Bankline has a monthly fee of £5 with a £20 charge for statement downloads.

Certain kinds of payments also come with a fee, but this isn't unique to Bankline. We can share a full break down of tariffs when you give us a call. Alternatively, have a look at charging in more detail for more details.

Charging in more detail
Bankline next steps Contact us

Bankline customers


Call the Bankline helpdesk on:

0345 300 2942

+44 131 278 0057 (outside the UK)

18001 0345 300 2942 Text Relay UK

8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Calls may be recorded.


Apply for Bankline


To find out more or to apply for Bankline, call our team on:

0345 030 3109

18001 0345 030 3109 Relay UK

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Calls may be recorded.


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